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The Greater Game

Just before Christmas, I had the opportunity to work with the National Football Museum again in Manchester on their new exhibition about football and the first world war, entitled ‘The Greater Game’. This major exhibition tells the forgotten stories of players and fans during World War One exploring the myths and the reality of famous stories from the conflict. This time, I was working with the 5 curators, editing archive footage and audio pieces to be showcased in various sections of the museum. I love working with archive footage, but here, listening to the individual stories and seeing seeing the faces of the people who went out to war, many of whom never returned home, was particularly moving. I certainly felt a responsibility to the people who featured in the footage as well as sourcing suitable music and audio sounds to showcase the silent footage effectively. I worked on 9 […]

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Dunstable Wind Charming Day 2014

Last year, I went down to Dunstable, to film the ‘Wind Charming Day’ following up from my initial film the year before called ‘We Are Now‘. The project was developed by Artist Laurence Payot and it was great to visit Dunstable again a year later and see how the project has developed.

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This is a short music video for a song call ‘Rise’ by Grace Petrie that I worked on. It was directed by Chris Shepherd. Chris grew up in Ainfield and had the idea to film the video around a lot of the changes and demolition happening in the area. I managed to get hold of one of the demolition team who gave us permission to film on and around one of the demolition sites. We spent a day filming the area as it was and as it began to be demolished around us and then a few hours films the band perform on an area of grassland that used to be a school. The finished video was shown recently on Channel 4 as part of Random Acts.

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The Heart Bruiser

A film poem experiment I made with Poet, Gerry Potter. With this, the idea was to try and add another element to the narrative, without taking anything away from the poetry. It’s tougher than you think, but does have some surprising developments. This is kind of the first one, but we are going to try a few more. The video footage was sourced from

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Dear Everyman

Great to see the Everyman open again.  Seem’s a bit surreal really, but it was great to work on this short piece.  Half was filmed in London at the National Theatre and half was filmed at the Everyman. I filmed the Everyman shots.  We tried to match up the background which meant filming in a corridor, but the results worked out ok. Thomas Orger was the other camera operator and editor.  

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Water Music

Monday evenings have become a regular ‘mess about Monday’ session, with a few of us from The Ranch doing some general research and experiments with Makey Makey. This week we focused on water music, creating simple audio triggers from glasses of water. Chloe is shown in the videos below demonstrating some of the results.

Symbiosis: Social experiments with Living Sculptures

I’ve been working again with Artist Laurence Payot in a project collaboration with the Universities of York and Sheffield, Bedford Creative Arts, and Tate Liverpool.  We travelled to York before Christmas to with some Scientists in the form of an art-science encounter, drawing parallels between the artworks/audiences/participants relations and symbiotic relationships in nature.  This video gives a little feel of the workshop.  I found it fascinating, just from the form the the language the scientists were using to talk about the experiments.  It was like being in a different world.

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BLAZE Bloggers

Blaze is Cultural Olympiad Legacy project that works across Lancashire and the North West to create the next generation of cultural producers, artists and entrepreneurs. I worked with Blaze in 2011 running some training workshops on reporting and video blogging.  It was really great to see the young people grow in confidence over the year and support them in facilitating their ideas.  Below are 3 examples with Blaze Blogger Kajol Lally covering the 360 Bike Challenge.

Musical Carrots

I purchased a Makey Makey board a few weeks back, but only recently have found the time to have a play around with it.  It’s great as a trigger system, and works well with Arduino which I’m also learning how to use. With this example, I followed a few online tutorials, it’s fairly straight forward but it works well enough.  In the final section of the video, I moved the earth connection to alternate carrots so they react when the collide with each other. Next step is to see how it works with Isadora.