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The Heart Bruiser

A film poem experiment I made with Poet, Gerry Potter. With this, the idea was to try and add another element to the narrative, without taking anything away from the poetry. It’s tougher than you think, but does have some surprising developments. This is kind of the first one, but we are going to try a few more. The video footage was sourced from

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Water Music

Monday evenings have become a regular ‘mess about Monday’ session, with a few of us from The Ranch doing some general research and experiments with Makey Makey. This week we focused on water music, creating simple audio triggers from glasses of water. Chloe is shown in the videos below demonstrating some of the results.

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Symbiosis: Social experiments with Living Sculptures

I’ve been working again with Artist Laurence Payot in a project collaboration with the Universities of York and Sheffield, Bedford Creative Arts, and Tate Liverpool.  We travelled to York before Christmas to with some Scientists in the form of an art-science encounter, drawing parallels between the artworks/audiences/participants relations and symbiotic relationships in nature.  This video gives a little feel of the workshop.  I found it fascinating, just from the form the the language the scientists were using to talk about the experiments.  It was like being in a different world.

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Musical Carrots

I purchased a Makey Makey board a few weeks back, but only recently have found the time to have a play around with it.  It’s great as a trigger system, and works well with Arduino which I’m also learning how to use. With this example, I followed a few online tutorials, it’s fairly straight forward but it works well enough.  In the final section of the video, I moved the earth connection to alternate carrots so they react when the collide with each other. Next step is to see how it works with Isadora.

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The Infinity Film

The holiday period has been really useful to me in terms of making the time to do a lot of archiving.  This film formed part of my MA which I completed in 2007.   It’s a looping experiment working with the TroikaTronix software Isadora.  Sam Meech was a big help in introducing me to the software. It was made using a database to select random scenes and audio to look at how sound and simple scene alterations can impact on our perception of narrative.  It’s also a film that can loop for infinity without ever being quite the same. This is a 30 minute live loop filmed directly from the computer screen. It’s funny watching it again – the sequences are too long, but the concept works well.  Interestingly, just read that Francis Ford Coppela will be working with Isadora to create more of a live feel when he takes his […]

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