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The Old Steam

For the last couple of years, I’ve been working with Duckie on The Slaughterhouse Club, a workshop project with Thames Reach Hostels for homeless vulnerable Londoners struggling with booze and addiction issues. The project is running for five years from 2015 until 2020, forty weeks per year. Every Thursday we are at Robertson Street Hostel in Battersea, and every Friday we are at Graham House in Vauxhall. I collaborated with one of the residents Chris Argent on this film, which explores his passion for steam trains.

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Claire House Children’s Hospice

Towards the end of last year, I made a short film for Claire House, highlighting the work they do with families whose children won’t live to be adults. It was shown as part of the ‘It’s Glam Up North’ exhibition, (curated by the Photographer Rankin). It was an interesting film to make, my approach being to make it an overall positive and empowering experience, celebrating life through the families personal stories. More information about the exhibition can be seen here. The exhibition ran until the 5th December and their will be a slightly shortened version of the completed film on-line which I will post online soon. In the meantime, here’s a short trailer. You can find out more about the work Claire House do here.

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My Clockwork Heart

I filmed Patrick Dineen‘s new show at the Unity Theatre a month ago and we’ve since put together this short trailer for the piece. It was a tricky show to film just because it was performed in the round and it was quite difficult to find a filming location that wasn’t an obstruction for someone. Really interesting show though – lets see where is reappears.

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Save The Tavern

Worrying times in London at the moment, and to me, it feels like it’s been coming for a while. Living in Liverpool, but often working in London, and having previously lived in London for 15 years, it’s sad to see it become other worldly. Looking back London was a place of excitement, somewhere where you went that was accessible, diverse and full of life. Now it just feels corporate and unobtainable. An offshoot of this is a project I was working on with Re-Dock last year, Happy Birthday RVT, celebrating 150 years of the Royal Vauxhall Tavern. The RVT is the UK’s oldest LGBTQ pub and iconic performance space, Towards the end of the project, the venue was sold to Immovate, a re-development company with a history of turning turning places into luxury flats and hotels. The result is the launch of a campaign to look out for the Future […]

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That’s Amoré

Last year, My friend and Re-Dock Co-Director, Sam Meech had been working with Tmesis Theatre Company developing visuals for a new show called ‘That’s Amore’. Funding to produce the show came in quite late and Sam was unable to continue work on it, so I jumped in to take over. I’ve worked on Theatre visuals before, notably, ‘Tiny Volcanoes’ and ‘the Readers Wives Fan Club‘. With visuals for theatre, it’s always tricky to get the balance right, where the projections add to the performance rather than becoming a clever but unnecessary distraction. With this piece, there was also 3 weeks of rehearsal and tech, which included changes and new ideas to the visual design and I wanted to do these in line with Sam’s original aesthetic, allowing the piece to have some sort of visual consistency. Last week, was the first outing for the new show with 5 performances at […]

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The Greater Game

Just before Christmas, I had the opportunity to work with the National Football Museum again in Manchester on their new exhibition about football and the first world war, entitled ‘The Greater Game’. This major exhibition tells the forgotten stories of players and fans during World War One exploring the myths and the reality of famous stories from the conflict. This time, I was working with the 5 curators, editing archive footage and audio pieces to be showcased in various sections of the museum. I love working with archive footage, but here, listening to the individual stories and seeing seeing the faces of the people who went out to war, many of whom never returned home, was particularly moving. I certainly felt a responsibility to the people who featured in the footage as well as sourcing suitable music and audio sounds to showcase the silent footage effectively. I worked on 9 […]

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Dunstable Wind Charming Day 2014

Last year, I went down to Dunstable, to film the ‘Wind Charming Day’ following up from my initial film the year before called ‘We Are Now‘. The project was developed by Artist Laurence Payot and it was great to visit Dunstable again a year later and see how the project has developed.

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This is a short music video for a song call ‘Rise’ by Grace Petrie that I worked on. It was directed by Chris Shepherd. Chris grew up in Ainfield and had the idea to film the video around a lot of the changes and demolition happening in the area. I managed to get hold of one of the demolition team who gave us permission to film on and around one of the demolition sites. We spent a day filming the area as it was and as it began to be demolished around us and then a few hours films the band perform on an area of grassland that used to be a school. The finished video was shown recently on Channel 4 as part of Random Acts.